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Digestive & Urinary Systems

Human digestive system consists of the digestive tract, represented by several caval organs forming a long winding tube, stretching from mouth cavity to the anus. It also includes some other organs, allowing the organism to crush and absorb products we eat.

The digestive tract consists of such organs as mouth, gullet, stomach, small gut, large gut (colon in other words), straight intestine and anus. The inner surface of these caval organs is lined with so-called mucosa, which is mucous tissue. Food is digested with the help of juices produced by very small glands, contained in a person's mouth cavity, stomach and small gut. Besides, the digestive tract includes plain muscle layer, which participates in crushing food and forwarding it along the tract.

The liver and the pancreas, the two 'firm' digestive organs, form digestive juices coming to the gut through ducts, or tubes of small size. The gallbladder is destined to keep digestive juices produced by the liver until the gut starts to use them. The digestive system's proper functioning is also ensured by certain areas of the nervous and vascular systems.

Another integral part of a human body is urinary system. It works by disposing metabolic waste products from the blood and formation and elimination of urine. The major organs of urinary system are 2 kidneys that filter blood and control water balance in the body.

Digestive Disorders

Millions of people worldwide hear the diagnosis 'digestive disorder' every year. Digestive disorders include different cases, from scarce digestive troubles to the fatal bowel cancer. Digestive disorders also include improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and of the hepar, cholecyst and pancreatic gland as well.

As many as 95 million people suffer from digestive disorders. Digestive disorders make more than 37 million people go to their therapeutist each year.

Digestive Disorders Symptoms

One can think a person has a digestive disorder in case a person suffers from diarrhea, constipation, digestive tract bleeding, eructation and labored swallowing. If a patient has symptoms of a rather general character, like pains in the abdomen, meteorism, absence of appetite and sickness, it is a reason to suppose one of digestive disorders and a disorder of another kind as well.

Indigestion is an uncertain term, which people use to apply to different notions. This term includes a lot of different digestive disorders symptoms, such as dyspepsia, sickness and vomiting, eructation and a feeling of obstruction in the throat (feeling of globus).

Urinary System Disorders

There are different types of urinary system disorders like urinary tract diseases, incontinence (failure to regulate urination), kidney diseases and infections of the urinary tract.

Typical symptoms of urinary system disorders include severe pain in the abdominal area or lower back; bloody urination; alterations in urine color; urinary difficulties; inability to control frequent urination; and urine leakage. Some urinary diseases, including infections, may come quickly whereas others, like tumor, may build more gradually.

Digestive & Urinary Systems

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